Survey for Hydrocarbons in Crete & W.Greece Reason Why Samaras Gave In

The survey for hydrocarbons in Crete and Western Greece as well as the escalating crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean are the two key reasons why main opposition New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras accepted the postponement of the elections until February, 2012, sources said on Monday.

Outgoing prime minister, G.Papandreou apparently told Samaras that “Greece has early results and the government was looking for partners on this new source of wealth” trying to convince him not to insist on elections on December 4 until all of this was sorted out. Also Papandreou told him that the crisis between Israel and Turkey is at a critical point and might require the direct involvement of Greece, and in his opinion it is better to push back the elections for at least two months.

Reports on Monday said that these were the primary reasons why Samaras accepted to push back the election date.

Now do you all see why hellasfrappe has been insisting all along that the whole debt crisis in our country is about the natural gas and oil?

If this information which was featured on defencenet today is credible (and it usually is from this website) then it is understandable why Samaras decided to swallow his pride for a little bit. Greece needs to partner with the right powers in order to exploit its reserves to its benefit. If Papandreou had remained in office, we here at hellasfrappe are afraid that we would have partnered with the wrong side.

Nonetheless, is this another trick of Papandreou? It remains to be seen.


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