…And the Oscar Goes To Papandreou For Giving A Great Performance – Applause Please!

The referendum, the confidence vote… everything the whole planet has been witnessing over the last few days is a total farce. I have O.D.-ed from all the crap I have heard and witnessed. On Thursday Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou said he would resign, then he decided not to resign, then he said he would resign, then he changed his mind again, and then he did this for a third time. The man should be given an Oscar for giving one of the greatest performance in history.

Either he is a great “player” or as
naive as the members which comprise his government. On Friday and after giving a speech to his deputies urging (and sobbing) to them to give him a confidence vote so that he can step down and form a temporary government on Saturday he decided to slightly change his mind yet again after receiving it!

Yes you read correctly, Greek deputies voted for someone to leave, who today said that he will be forming “some kind of government” at “some point” in time, but of course did not say when, or how. In fact Papandreou did not say anything at all, and all his deputies today are applauding the outcome of last night’s vote.

It is insane.

The situation is unprecedented.

PASOK deputies gave a confidence vote to someone who they wanted to overthrow in return, for what? So that he can visit the President of the Republic today, have coffee with him and discuss…  Discuss what? That he might at some point form a new type of cooperation (or unity) government?

The man flat out lied to buy some more time in power.

From what it looks like, he never had the intention of handing over the ring of power to Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos, but made him think so, so that Venizelos can influence the outcome of the vote from the deputies that support him in the party.

Conclusion: Papandreou is a cunning player.

Political strategy I accept, but we are talking about a super performance here with the global audience glued to its seat to see what happens next!

This new type of government Papandreou said he wanted to form was immediately slammed by most political parties who in return are demanding elections, other than
the LAOS party of George Karatzaferis which is licking its lips with the thought of what ministerial chairs it is going to receive for supporting this farce.. The possibility of Dora Bakoyiannis accepting to join this new government is still in the air, even though some analysts said that she is not going to participate.

With LAOS, Papandreou still cannot make the 180 votes needed to pass the memorandum. He desperately needs the support of the main opposition New Democracy (ND) party in order to do so, but leader of ND Antonis Samaras has said time and time again that he will not support the signing of Greece’s sovereignty which is clearly stipulated in this Memorandum and wants to be given the opportunity to renegotiate it.

The only thing Samaras agreed to was to sign the loan agreement, which is a separate agreement and only on the condition that it comes to Parliament.

I need to note at this point that the first Memorandum has never been brought to Parliament, and never voted on by 180 votes. That is why there are a plethora of law suits against the state, and the Troika about this because in all reality it is VOID. Also… many of you might not know this but the loan agreements made with the Troika have never come to Parliament either!!!!

This is why Europe is so desperate for us to sign both agreements so they can legalize everything. Agreements, which were not drawn up in Greece and fall under Greek law but that were drafted in the UK and fall under British rule.

The obvious question is how did the Greek parliament vote for these agreements and the next question would be are they legal or VOID…. well obviously they are VOID but let me explain how Papandreou tricked us into thinking that they were legal.

When the PASOK Parliamentary group along with its puppies (the LAOS party of George Karatzaferis and Dora Bakoyianni) voted on the first Memorandum they used the media to make it look like it was ratified, but in all reality these deputies were only exposed to a very small section of the Memorandum and not the whole agreement. In fact the whole agreement has not even gone to Parliament yet!

Deputies thought that this was also the loan agreement, but it wasn’t. Other agreements secretly followed. And yes.. since they have not followed the articles stipulated in the Greek Constitution they are without a doubt illegal and void.

The next obvious question would be, how did a loan agreement come to pass without ever going through the Greek parliament for ratification, especially the Memorandum which basically gives away our national SOVEREIGNTY?

Simple Papandreou’s government created new laws abolishing the Constitution.

Let me expand. Several days after the memorandum of shame was thought to have been voted in parliament (not by 180 votes as stipulated in the Greek Constitution for international agreements but only from the ruling party) Papandreou’s government formed a new law, or more exactly Law #3547 which no one is aware of, giving exclusive rights to former Finance Minister George Papakostantinou  to only decide -and sign- on behalf of Greece every loan agreement that was made thereafter.

In simple words, a law was formulated to abolish our own Constitution. That is why Papandreou staged this whole farce. The Memorandum and the loan agreements have never been ratified!

So Papandreou is desperate for Samaras’ support, but being the slanderer he is, how can he ever achieve peace with the main opposition party when every minute of the day he is slamming them for their policies which he says brought Greece to its present state?

I don’t think we need to remind Papandreou that his government has ruled this country for over 23 years.Indeed the New Democracy party government has some responsibility as well… but make the calculations yourself… they only governed for 8 years!

And what is more…Papandreou controls the Greek media who works tirelessly in pumping out lies to us everyday. And today they too put on quite a show… they actually turned the situation around and suddenly put the blame on the main opposition party
for not agreeing to Papandreou’s terms.

This is what we the people have been subjected to all these months.

Lies, propaganda, blackmails, and being made a mockery of on the global front. We have a prime minister who would be great for comedy hour, but sucks at his job, a network of television channels that are intent on jelloing our minds and if we utter a word, if we revolt, if we even attempt to express an opinion then we are also threatened with police brutality.

This is what we have been experiencing under the PASOK regime.

The party that controlled the unions, the public sector, that has been accused of tens of scandals, that in the late 80s was involved in money laundering, that today is being accused of play with hedge funds betting against our country and whose policies have set back Greece for at least 30 years economically is none other than PASOK and its leader George Papandreou.

So Papandreou will be left on his own. He will not be able to pass the Memorandum and we will probably default by the year’s end!

Simple as that.

As for Venizelos… Well he will remain at his post, and we advise him to start looking for another party to form, because he is so ambitious and desperate to become a leader that he is losing site of how arrogant he has become.

Of course Papandreou might change his mind, YET AGAIN, and some scenarios are already saying that on November 31 he will resign as Prime Minister and pass the ring to Venizelos, who will govern for several months and we will head for national elections in March 2012. But then again, the same scenarios said this yesterday… and today everything is different again!

I don’t know how likely this last scenario will follow through with Venizelos taking us to the polls in the Spring, because the people of Greece are in an uncontrollable state already and I am fearful that they will grab the bull by the
horns and finally rid itself of the Papandreou regime. In fact this might even happen on November 17 when Greece celebrates the commemoration of the student uprising against the Greek military junta of 1967–1974, alternatively known as “The Regime of the Colonels” Much has been said and written already about this date and what might happen and given the last tip of news we heard about Papandreou leaving at the end of November, combined with all the news that is already being accidentally (yeah right) leaked to the press about this date and how they fear that chaos will brake, I am inclined to believe that this last scenario is more realistic.

It remains to be seen.

I just personally want to tell Mr. Papandreou that if he is not glued to his chair -as he has said over one hundred
times these past few days-  then he should kick that sucker down grab his canoe and leave!

This would be more honorable.

By repeating this line to us, time and time again, he is only dragging our country and us further and further into the ground.

Enough Mr. Papandreou, we do not want you to save us anymore, you have made a total mockery out of this country and its people.


Marina Spanos


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