Papandreou and Venizelos in Hush Hush Agreement

Press reports are saying that a (hush hush) “agreement” has been reached by Prime Minister George Papandreou and Vice-Premier and Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos to push for the confidence vote in Parliament tonight, and after gaining the vote the Greek PM will apparently resign tomorrow. This, according to the socialists, will keep the PASOK party in power and allow for a smooth passing of the “ring” of power to Evangelos Venizelos. And when Venizelos takes control, the same reports added, he will try to bring back all the MPs that have declared themselves independent so as to have a strong majority in Parliament once again.

Wishful thinking…. one would say, and who knows if this last “strategic” move on Papandreou’s part is true, but Venizelos is so desperate to rule PASOK that I think he too would bow to anything George would suggest to him. (which we all know can only be termed as insane and dangerous).

Also we do not know (yet) if his MPs will fall for this last “trick” but many Greek blogs have been whispering the same thing today leaving it to be understood that if Venizelos agreed then the confidence vote would pass. What we do know, and guarantee, is that if this happens, then nothing will change in this country because if the PASOK party thinks that by deleting one of its members and replacing them with another (who we personally do not like at all) then it is like wearing their T-shirts backwards. 

This government that has ridiculed the Greek people and over the last two years has committed so many tragic mistakes on the backs of the Greek people that will take decades to correct. They purposely led us to the IMF, they never negotiated any of the Memorandums and loan agreements that were drafted by the Troika, and they never took into consideration the future of this country and its people.

We want them to leave.

But they are so glued to their chairs of power that they give a whole new meaning to “cement glue”.

Can’t they understand that we WANT ELECTIONS now?



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