MUST WATCH VIDEO – Lazopoulos Show – Why My Brother Gave Elites 5-Finger Salute

 Today’s Must Watch Video is from the weekly “Al Tsandiri” Comedy Show starring Lakis Lazopoulos. In this footage, Lazopoulos comments on the events of October 28 and then turns his attention to a letter from the brother of a 16 year
old student from Larissa who became famous last week for sending a wide “five finger salute” (or mountza) to the elites sitting in his
town’s dignitary area during the parade.

In his letter (which is by far one of the most emotional letters ever read-heard) the brother protests against the harsh criticism his brother received from the mainstream media (especially certain reporters from MEGA channel) for having the courage to do this gesture. As Lazopoulos begins reading the letter, we discover that the young boy is from a poor family of sixteen children and from what it looks like a proud family with virtues, values and much honor.  

“Our parents raised us with virtues and values, never once compromising (or licking the skirts from) anyone in power. Our only weapon is our faith in God, and this is how we go about facing day to day life, a life whose path is set by our politicians. My sixteen year old brother (the young boy in the picture) works in the morning and goes to school in the afternoon. He tells me that teens, and everyone, are well aware of what is going on around them and that the salute is a reflection of what every average Greek citizen is feeling nowadays. This gesture was from a young boy who does not belong to some political faction but that is totally politically inclined and has a well-rounded opinion about things, as well as is free to express what he feels. He honored our forefathers who fought for this country and (through his gesture) shunned the politicians who have brought the country to its present state. Mr. Pretenderis (a pro PASOK journalist from MEGA Channel) cannot criticize us for what my brother did in his article in TA NEA (newspaper). He cannot say that this salute says a lot (in a bad way) about the type of household (and upbringing) my brother has had, our parents, our schools, our teachers, etc.,  because they too are “saluting”. (Mr. Pretenderis said that) they staged a child to hate the state, before he had a chance to live in it. No Mr. Pretenderis… before you draw conclusions about a young boy you do not know, because of a gesture he did, (you should pause and think) that this does not describe everyone associated to one student, but rather is (a gesture against the) future that he is not permitted to build”. 

 The letter brought tears to our eyes, it is a must watch!


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