Perez in Cyprus, Warns Turkey That World is Not Run By Military Threats

President of Israel Shimon Peres urged Turkey to respect international law, saying that the world is not being run by military threats, it is based on international law. Peres was speaking in Nicosia at the Presidential Palace at a joint press conference with President of Cyprus Demetris Christofias, after official talks in the framework of the official visit he pays to Cyprus.

To a question regarding explorations for natural gas and the Turkish presence in the area, and cooperation between Cyprus and Israel, Peres said “the world is not being run by military threats,“ adding that “we are based on international law.“ Peres pointed out that Turkey should also respect international law and that “this is the basis of political relations.”We are not going to threaten anybody and we are not going to be afraid of threats,” he added. Peres also noted the importance of maintaining friendly relationships with other countries.

Replying to the same question, President Christofias said he agreed with his Israeli counterpart, noting that I welcome the message of peace and friendship of President Peres to Turkey and I would like to send the same message too.I would also like to stress (to Turkey) that relations are based on international law and that each country`s actions must respect international law and order. He added that Turkeys actions in the Eastern Mediterranean against Cyprus sovereign right to explore and exploit any hydrocarbon reserves it finds in its Exclusive Economic Zone, are condemned in international fora.

Referring to the region, Peres said he believed Cyprus “can play a role in the peace process, not by mediating but by really offering the opportunities that exist in the united Europe.” Peres said the countries of the Middle East would like to join the global market and that the EU could provide opportunities, adding that Israel was very advanced in science and agriculture.”The Middle East is facing a terrible challenge of poverty. There is no water and no food. We cannot enlarge the land and we cannot enrich the rivers but what we can do is to take the technology that makes better use of the land we have and better use of the water we have,” he said. He added that “by having a Mediterranean-European operation we can produce technology and science that would be helpful.” 

Peres noted that “the Middle East today is full of fire and death, from Syria to Yemen,“ adding that he would like to see a change.”I think it is a good occasion that Cyprus is becoming president of the EU and instead of the Europeans coming to us with proposals it is not bad for our two small countries to come with our own proposals,” he said.

Referring to the issue of natural gas, Peres said “we are going to use the gas the way peaceful and democratic people should use it,” adding that “we are not going to waste it, we are not going to play with it, we are not going to use it for the wrong purposes.” “We shall cooperate according to international law,” he said, adding that “we intend to follow the law”. He pointed out that “our discoveries are not against anyone, our discoveries are for the people.” (AMNA)


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