Papandreou tricks Samaras and makes madness fashionable

In our opinion everything main opposition New Democracy party leader Antonis Samaras said today was correct, but the one percent of life that he gave Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou by saying that he will vote on the loan agreement (thinking that Papandreou had resigned) gave Papandreou a good enough extension and now our dear Premier is making the condition “one flew over the cookoos nest” fashionable:

Papandreou is exploiting Samaras’ willingness to accept the loan agreement, and after deciding to resign, then not resign, then resign and then not resign and then resign again, he decided to finally not resign, the only thing he has accomplished today is to make a total mockery of Greece and the Greek people. And what is more, while addressing his ministers in Parliament he took the opportunity to say that Samaras actually accepted PASOK’s positions, thus turning the game in his favor once again.

Samaras never spoke of a government of unity, but of course the mainstream media that supports PASOK pressured Samaras and his associates to accept this. Samaras only spoke of a transitional government until national elections are held. Nothing more nothing less….  In other words, Papandreou backed down from his position to go forward with the referendum he then attempted to also save himself from becoming a total clown in the face of the Greek people. (Note: He did not succeed)

Mr. Papandreou leave… you have done enough damage to the Greek people.


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