Merkel, Sarkozy: Do you Want to Remain in Euro YES or NO?

In an ultimatum to Athens, and a move to preserve the euro at all costs, including kicking out Greece from the EU if necessary, Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Nicolas Sarkozy said yesterday in Cannes that a new eight billion euro loan tranche will not be disbursed until Greece accepts the October 27 agreement in its entirety.  The unprecedented public humiliation was underlined by the fact that it was Merkel who publicly set the terms of the Greek referendum – declaring that “it will be above all on the question: “Does it want to remain in the euro – yes or no?”

On his part the French President said that Greece must follow the bailout plan religiously, and that the parliamentary vote on the plan on Friday must precede a referendum. By law, the plebiscite cannot involve the bailout memorandum itself, but a broader question on Greece staying in the eurozone. “We believe the Greek people are free and responsible for their choice,” the state news agency quoted him as saying. “We all want to continue the effort with Greece. But there are rules,” Sarkozy said, adopting the tone of an adult chastising a child.


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