LETTER to our European Friends

Dear European friends,
Greece is at the most critical period after the German occupation in the 1940s. We have the misfortune to have the most incompetent government and a Prime Minister who does not know how to even speak Greek in the helm of power. He has made us look like a rag to all of you who now characterize us as being “dangerous” to Europe’s economic stability.
My friends, we need to unite and lobby.
Pressure has to be
placed on the Papandreou government to head for national elections.

There is no other solution.
We do not want a referendum, but our government does because it wants to destroy the EU.
We want to remain in Europe
but we do not want to lose our sovereignty as a nation, we want to
remain in the Eurozone but not with this government who is unfortunately
working for shady interests. 
We do not want to be faced with the dilemma of a referendum we just want to be an equal partner to all of you. 
Every two months he bombs us the people with new dilemmas, new blackmails.
Every two months new measures, more taxes.
His government has played the ugliest games with our minds
They use the mainstream media to promote their incompetence and propaganda.
They use their campaign supporters to hold us hostage at work and we are now working with lower wages while prices soar.
And because of this more and more people are going bankrupt, losing their jobs, and entering the poverty line. And in some cases even committing suicide.
I trust you will finally realize that we are not reluctant to pay back the money that your countries have lent us, but just like any budget, we need and are entitled as a people to know what we owe you first. We need to know where this money was spent.
Whenever you receive a bill do you or do you not examine where you spent the money stipulated on your invoice? We have the same right…

But this government will not give us that right… and certain lawmakers in Germany do not want to give us that right either.
In their eyes, we are nothing more than the “corrupt Greeks” and “had it coming”.

Can’t you see that they are playing a dirty game behind our backs? 
Just examine who benefited from the announcement of the referendum and you will realize what shady games are being played.
We need to know if European banks are purposely piling debt on us to clear their own problems following the 2008 crisis. 
We have this right.
We DO NOT want to exit the Euro and should not even be discussing this, but we deserve to know.
We also want new agreements that respect our sovereignty and Constitution… 
Why are they asking us to surrender this for a loan of which we know nothing about?
Do you want to know why we are angry? We are frustrated as a people because we see the corruption ouzing from every level… we see the lies and propaganda and we are called to pay for all of this and become laboratory rats for the New World Order. 
Do you not see that they are using us as a pawn?
This is unjust… 
Why do you continue to close your eyes to the truth? 
The leadership of Germany wants our national sovereignty and we all know that it wants to control our natural reserves just like the US does. Just today this nation announced that it wants to play in the energy game…
As for the rest of Europe (I am strictly referring to our European leaders) France and Italy might have two powerful leaders, but do they have any clout in Europe when everyone else is at the beck and call of Germany?
Doesn’t this scare you?
Your leader, just as ours… is at the beck and call of a handful of people in Frankfurt who probably are backed by banks!
We want a different Union, where our sovereignty will be respected, where citizens will have respect and honor and not be controlled by banks.
We do not want to leave the Euro and will not take part in this referendum.
Why are you not speaking out about this and keep slamming us the people? 
We did not want this to happen, Papandreou and every Papandreou like him who bows to the system has nothing in common with us nor ever will. 
Enough is enough!
Please help us.


Marina Spanos


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