Sarkozy Calls Papandreou To Explain Himself At G20

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou will have to “explain” why he called for a referendum on Monday to the member countries of the G20 at the meeting in Cannes this week following an invitation by Nicolas Sarkozy, press reports in Athens said on Tuesday. 
The French President, who is obviously very annoyed with the latest moves by Papandreou called a mini-ministers meeting in France for this very reason. Earlier on Tuesday Papandreou apparently also held a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to brief her on the latest developments, the same reports added.
Sarkozy called for this extraordinary meeting after French market spreads received strong pressure, tapping an all new record!

The French president was expected to also hold a telephone conversation with Merkel, and called for the meeting with Prime Minister Francois Fillon in close composition, involving key ministers, including Finance Minister Francois Barouen, Foreign Minister as well as Alain Zipe.  



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