Beglitis Replaces Chiefs of Staff With Loyal PASOK Soldiers

The moves by the PASOK government over the last few hours can only be characterized as being desperate. This desperation, however, is permitting dangerous decisions to be made on the backs of the Greek people. Aside from the political turmoil that was created following Papandreou’s statements yesterday that called for a referendum on the new EU bailout package, and the havoc it created in international financial markets today, Defense Minister Panos Beglitis added even more fuel to the fire a little earlier by firing the Hellenic Chiefs of Staff to replace them with officers that are loyal to the socialist party.

Yes you heard correctly… with officers who are loyal only to the PASOK government.

According to defencenet Beglitis told them point blank: “Thank you for your cooperation, but I believe it is time to make (certain) judgments. I wanted to do this since last August, but due to problems with Turkey this was set aside. Now I feel that is the perfect time so I decided to do my comparisons and replace you (all)! ”

The four officers did not utter a word and rather exited his office in the same manner they entered… with their heads held high!

The only way one can describe the moves taken by Panos Beglitis today is with four words, outrageous, undemocratic, unethical and above all dangerous. He called the Chiefs of Staffs to tell them that their services were no longer needed for what reason? On what grounds? Because they are not members of the PASOK party?

An army does not belong to a political party you worthless heads of government… it belongs to the nation and is there to defend the nation, not support your damn policies!

This move smells…. Actually it stinks.

Greece is today experiencing one of the most critical periods since it restored democracy over three decades ago and Beglitis’ decision to make these changes can only be described as purposely provoking a chaotic climate.

And possibly even triggering the “coup” we spoke about in yesterday’s article… click here for that story.


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