UPDATED – Greek S.African Girl Dies After Being Set Ablaze By Satanists!

Greek-South African Kirsty Theologia, died after she and a friend were doused with petrol and set on fire in a suspected satanic ritual in Johannesburg, press reports from the Greek community in South Africa said. Both girls, aged 18 and 16, were among eight youngsters who took part in these rituals, the same reports added. Kirsty is apparently suffering from 75% burns to her body from the waist up and doctors did not express any hope for her life while she lay in a coma several hours before she died because her lungs and throat are very damaged. The news has shocked the Greek community in South Africa.
The family was told that the people who burnt Kirsty and the other teen had even joined Kirsty’s and her friend’s church in a bid to befriend them. They said that four young men had gone to an isolated hill with Kirsty and her friend. The two girls, who had been attending a youth service at their church, were offered some type of drink that Kirsty spat out because it had tasted strange (reports later said that this was blood). The other girl apparently finished her drink but then she began to vomit. One of the men allegedly started dancing while Kirsty laughed. “Suddenly, she (Kirsty) felt wet and the fellow that was dancing lit a match, threw it at her and said ‘laugh at this’. 
While Kirsty was burning, one boy cut a third girl’s hand and held it over a Bible so that the blood could soak it, according to one of the girls who was in the group, she told the Theologo family the boys had decided that the two would be sacrificed in a satanic ritual. As the flames engulfed her, her face and head were bashed with rocks and, as she tried to breathe, her throat and lungs were badly burnt. Kirsty suffered third and fourth degree burns both inside and outside her body. The teens were left to burn, after the group left, the girls managed to break free and walk 10 blocks home in their conditions the teenagers were driven to South Rand Hospital by their pastor.

Theologo’s sister, Samantha Saunders, told Eye Witness News that her sister had no skin left on her face, “she had wounds to her head and and her nose had been crushed in.” 

What a tragedy.
Editor’s Note: Our hearts and our prayers go out to the family 
Source: iefimerida

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