Papandreou Calls For Referendum Blackmailing Greek People With Future in EU

Prime Minister George Papandreou called a referendum on a new EU aid package on Monday and announced that he would ask for a vote of confidence to secure support for his policy for the remainder of his four-year term, which expires in 2013. It is the ultimate blackmail and the most extreme sort of dilemma that he could slap on the Greek people. Starting tomorrow, Greek citizens will begin being terrorized in voting yes or no. Yes to the loss of sovereignty, no to Europe and back to the drachma.

The media that supports the government will dramatize the event saying that if we vote yes then we will have to accept Bulgarian-style factory wages and loss of sovereignty and if we vote no then we will have to learn to live on coupons, and go back to the drachma. So the responsibility of the present chaotic, uncertain political and harsh economic situation will fall on the people. The treacherous political subjugation, hitherto pursued by the government will hence be forgotten, if this is actually thrown on the people and Papandreou will leave like a gentleman wiping his hands clean (hypocritically) and with the claim that it was the fault of the Greek people.

You got to hand it to those fellas in PASOK, they have a PhD in dirty propaganda and disorientation.

But because nothing surprises us anymore, do not get surprised if the socialists do a last minute “360 degree turn” if they see that the propaganda they are pouring out on the people through their media employees is not gaining ground either. They might at this point suddenly remember Article 44 of the Greek Constitution which stipulates that a referendum for financial matters cannot be held and must instead be voted on in parliament by 151 votes!

Whatever way you weigh it, this last move by Papandreou stinks.

It sounds a constitutional aberration alarm and attempts to create a chaotic situation in Greece, in Europe and beyond. Instead of heading to the polls and allowing another government to come into power so that maybe, just maybe we can start operating normally in this country, Papandreou wants to leave or rather escape, unscathed from the Prime Minister’s chair and skip being sent to the Supreme Court for all the dilemmas he has forced on the people of this nation.

Unless…. everything he said about the referendum is just another huge fireworks show because PASOK knows that the Greek Constitution will be a barrier over this.

And here comes the conspiracy part of this whole bit of news. We all know that Papandreou has been accused by main opposition New Democracy MP Panos Kammenos of committing treason on CDS contracts (click for that story here). What if this last move by Papandreou has some connection to this?

The Olympia website just released an article saying that there is only one way that Greece can be “THROWN” out of the Eurozone and that is if there is a military coup.

This is not that far-fetched, just five days ago coincidentally Forbes magazine also published a similar article claiming that the real solution to the Greek problem is a military coup. In fact the report said that instead of Germany trying to fund the Greek debt they should instead sponsor such a coup.

Such threats are imminent in Greece at the moment. So much so, that it was just mentioned on Nikos Chatzinikolaoy’s “Prosopo Me Prosopo” talk show (aired on Monday night).

If this occurred then Greece would immediately have to leave the EU and thus whatever happened to its economy would simply be someone else’s problem.
Forbes actually described this as something positive!!!!

“What’s so sad, or bitter if you prefer, about the joke is that, if we ignore the little problem of it being a military dictatorship, this would in fact be a good solution to Greek woes. Forbes Magazine”

Want more?
According to a CIA report, ongoing street protests in Greece made this organization conduct a report in the early summer which spoke about a possible military coup if the situation becomes more serious and uncontrolled.

And this takes us back to the conspiracy part of all of this….

What Papandreou did not achieve through Europe, in regards to the CDS contracts accusations made against him by Panos Kammenos, he might now be trying to achieve from a side door, in other words by provoking a chaotic environment so that a military coup can happen. In other words, the abolition of democracy in this country.

The talk of a military coup… is not by chance… it can’t be. I don’t believe the editors of Forbes magazine woke up one morning and were inspired to write this… there must be a reason they did. At least we here at hellasfrappe believe so…

The questions are simple:  
Now you put two and two together.
Also… it would be interesting to keep in mind what billionaire and hedge fund guru (and very close friend hint… hint.. of Papandreou) George Soros criticized last week’s Eurozone deal saying it will last only between “one day and three months”.

When did Papandreou say that he wants to hold the referendum?



It is simple mathematics folks… what Papandreou did not achieve through Europe–meaning purposely triggering a credit default so that his hedge fund buddies can benefit $$$$$ – he might just achieve via the blackmail he just slapped on the Greek people.Because we all know that if this propaganda campaign begins, it will divide the people and civil disobedience will escalate to such a degree that a military coup might indeed occur… and then, all those who bet against Greece hoping for its default will happily run and cash in their CDS….

But like we noted further above this the “conspiracy part of the whole thing”.

But before he can even attempt to move forward with this, Papandreou will need a vote of Confidence from 151 MPs, as well as face the Constitutionalists who will argue that he cannot move ahead with this.

As a last resort the only person that can actually turn everything around is President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias. IF he suddenly announces his resignation, the Greek Parliament will have to be dissolved immediately and national elections will be held.

Hopefully, the slap he received from the people of Thessaloniki last Friday, will remind him that he is President of all Greeks and not a PASOK party member (he was former FM of PASOK in the 90s). If he wants the respect of the Greek people, then he has to take the bull from the horns and resign immediately.

First Reactions

  • Papandreou’s announcement has led main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras to request a meeting with President Karolos Papoulias.
  •  In Brussels, a European Union spokeswoman said that she had “no comment” to make on the referendum proposal or the Papandreou’s intention to seek a vote of confidence.
  •  The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) in an announcement on Monday, said that the prime minister’s announcement for a referendum “means that a huge coercion mechanism of the people is being set up, where the government and the EU will use all the means, the threats, the provocation to bring the working class and the popular classes to their knees, to seize the ‘yes’ for the new agreement.”


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