Pangalos Goes For Winter Swim & Battles It Out With Citizen!

An incredible event happened at the Vouliagmeni Lake resort area on Sunday in the Southern part of Athens between Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Theodore Pangalos and an elderly lady. According to television news reports, as well as articles on most news sites today, when making his way to the lake for a little bit of “winter bathing”, Pangalos passed the ticket booth and ignored paying the fare. An elderly woman who was at the scene apparently witnessed this and it infuriated her and she began screaming about it out loud.

All of a sudden verbal attacks from both sides began. In an effort to avoid the situation altogether Pangalos pushed the woman and did not even hesitate to ask authorities to immediately arrest her while at the same time he threatened to sue her as well. The poor lady, totally dumbfounded, attempted to evade the police and a possible (unjustified) arrest and jumped in the icy waters of the lake.

As she struggled to stay afloat in the icy waters, and as onlookers caught whiff of what was going on, the woman continued to blast the Deputy Prime Minister for his conduct. Eventually she was fished out of the lake and paramedics were called to the scene because they feared she might suffer from hypothermia.

Eventually both sides threw in the towel and went home, but it needs to be noted that Mr, Pangalos never paid his fare at this resort area.

The article was featured on TO VIMA ONLINE

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