Harry Klynn totally SLAMS Papandreou sends him to hell!

Here is a refreshing article that was sent to a number of Greek blogs today from what some refer to as the “Aristophanes of the Pontion People”. Comedian Harry Klynn who is also very politically active totally slammed –if not crushed- Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou today for the statements the PM made at the International Socialists Conference in Agio Nikola at the weekend that left it to be understood that he was endorsing an imminent separation of Crete from Greece. Check relevant story on the reasons behind Harry’s letter to the press today by clicking here

 “George Papandreou: “Certainly, Crete is in this neighbourhood, close to many of the countries that have experienced revolutions and changes. … Crete wants to play a some kind of role, Crete has historical ties with the Arab world, the Muslim world, and wants to keep these ties and forge new ones. Because of the dictatorial regimes, because of situations created by the Cold War and beyond even that of the Middle East, many of these links were broken. We must restore the… ” bla la bla

The situation makes you want to pull out your hair…

Is this the political varmint we voted to rule us? This abomination (of a human) who has put his own house (Greece) in order…. this altruistic thinker (being sarcastic), is now preparing to find a solution to the problems of the Arab world?

What dictatorship regimes are you referring to you political scum?

Not so long ago he (G.Papandreou) ran behind these dictators, you sucked up to them, you called them brothers and you also took their autographs!
Who are you mocking you roughneck? You think we are so stupid? You sold-out ass!
Crete is Greece you artificial (thing) and man of no historical knowledge, unless you have decided to sell it to your … (kolo)bosses

What kind of historical links can a region of Greece have to the Arab and Muslim world? Unless you think the island is an independent state … And you know what that means (you) idiot.

Greeks will tear you apart (if you have plans for this to materialize) and the first (in line) that will do so are the proud Cretans with their own bare hands …

Go to hell (kolofara).

Editors Note: Ta eipe ola o anthropos!!!! Evge!!!!!!!!!!! Na ziseis Harry, Athanate!

Original article in Greek here Olympia

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