Adviser to PM Wants To Sue Citizen For Expressing Opinion on His Facebook Page!

photo by dexixtreme
If this next bit of news won’t blow your ears, we here at hellasfrappe don’t know what will! For the first time in the history of social networking in Greece an adviser to Prime Minister George Papandreou, Mrs. Vaggelio Sxoinaraki filed a law suit against a journalist by the name of Alekos Andrikakis for his private posts and comments on Facebook and the LIKES that this young fellow had on his posts because they were not in favour of her boss! Mrs. Schinaraki adviser to George Papandreou is a former MP and mayor of Herakleio, and according to press reports she submitted a lawsuit claiming 100,000 Euros from the above mentioned journalist as well as his imprisonment for something that was written and said on his private Facebook page! Not for something that was printed in a newspaper, or a magazine, or said on television, but for something that this fellow was talking about with his friends on his private Facebook page!

The news that was featured on a number of blogs today, including the dexiextreme new s blog believes that this move is an attempt to stop the criticism that citizens engage in against the government o PASOK.

Talk about panic and working up a sweat.
It is actually not a surprise since the ruling socialists had a strong hold on the island of Crete especially in the area of Herakleio. Obviously  Mrs. Vaggelio Sxoinarak wants to maintain this since Cretans have been rising up for several months now against the harsh austerity measures the government has imposed and are not in PASOK’s favor any more.
Will she be successful? Or will she be laughed out of town…. It remains to be seen…but given a platform to comment, we here at hellasfrappe personally feel that it will probably be the second choice.


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