This is how Papandreou disciplined his deputies!

Only one in five MPs from the ruling PASOK party will be part of the next parliament if elections were held at the present moment and this dear friends is the sole reason why the members of the ruling socialist party say yes to whatever the government serves them because above the nation, above the good of Hellas… is that almighty and powerful seat in the Greek Parliament and all the privileges it holds. 
What is sovereignty, in front of political survival. That is why they do not care if they are beaten, if protestors throw yogurts and water bottles on them, if they are chased by angry demonstrators or even if they are giving a five finger hand salut (yes you know which one)…. all they care about is that almighty seat in power! 
According to a new poll fewer than 35 will be able to be part of the next parliament central committee if PASOK achieves less than 20 percent in the next elections. In terms of seats in Parliament this adds up to some 55 seats at best. However of the 55, and in accordance to the Constitution 40 percent of this amount has to be covered by new deputies. In other words… about 30-35 familiar faces will once again win a seat in Parliament while the remaining 20 will be fresh new politicians. And this number includes the prime minister, and top ministers. 
This is why PASOK deputies have easily adopted and/or voted on all the laws that the government has passed in Parliament. This is how Papandreou has disciplined his deputies. If they vote no, or against one of the government’s bills then its goodbye to privileges, luxury cars, favors, etc.


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