Papandreou speaks of imminent separation of Crete from Greece!

 Everything that has been occurring in this country since 2008 is not by chance. But last night came the icing on the cake! While speaking to the Socialist International Conference taking place in Agios Nikolaos on the island of Crete, our Prime Minister Mr. George Papandreou gave substance to a speculation that has been rampant over the last two years in many diplomatic circles in Athens: An imminent separation of Crete from Greece!

At the conference which focused on the developments on the Middle East following the Arab Spring our genius prime minister referred to Crete as an independent country or upcoming independent state!

Participators could not believe what they were hearing when he said “Crete wants to play an important role. It has historical ties with the Arab world and wishes them extended and reinforced.”

The article on defencenet which featured this story asked the most basic question in our opinion. Since when did Crete establish ‘historic ties with Arab nations? “The only period in history when Crete had relations with Arab nations was in the late 10th century! Or around the time it was seized by the Saracens, who used the island as a pirate base!

Then he said that Crete will play an “important role” in the Arab world and will assist these countries. An important role? Only nations play important roles for other nations… not provinces and/or states Mr. Papandreou. Besides… does Crete have a Ministry of Foreign Affairs that we did not know about? If Mr. Papandreou had rather said that Greece wants to play an important role in the Arab world and Crete as one of its prized regions will have a special role to play, then this would have not been misinterpreted.

There is a reason hellasfrappe is publishing this story. Several months ago we had featured a story entitled “Hellenes of the World Do Not Forget Us” (the article of which was published in February 2011 when this blog started). There was a reason this story was published. Hellasfrappe wanted to wake up its Hellene brothers and sisters and send the message that it cannot and will not ever support issues that call for the dismantling of Greece.

We have done and continue to do our homework every day and we have read incredible articles and stories from hundreds of online news channels and blogs. Several months ago we had come across several controversial articles speaking about Crete’s willingness to separate from Greece in 2012. Obviously this story shocked us, but after putting the pieces of the puzzle together we came to the conclusion that the reason this was going to be endorsed from the present government was because under Crete lies more than a trillion cubic meters of natural gas. At the time, it sounded far-fetched to many… but today’s article on defencenet only proved our theory true.

A foreign embassy western diplomat apparently told defencenet that dramatic developments are going to happen in the country in the New Year, including the question of Crete’s independence!

The propaganda has already started. Mobile Telephone Company Vodafone has released a new ad with the flag of the Cretan State of 1896 in its background! (Check video below)

In addition to this, Papandreou has been frantically endorsing the subject of referendums lately.


And just in case you think that this is just another conspiracy theory… take a look at the US Department of Commerce FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), where the Americans include the list of countries that accept temporary statements on clearance of products. Among the 90 countries listed is a reference to Crete and it is listed as an individual country!

Let us not forget that the Macedonian question between Greece and FYROM began much in the same way!

Do you still think it’s a conspiracy theory? 

Or that its a damn good reason to get mad… very mad…? E?


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