Gov’t plans to implement tax on pets!

It is obvious that the Greek government has lost all sense of reality… either that or some of those think-tank Golden Boys at the Ministry of Economy are missing some marbles. Surfing the Greek blogs for interesting stories today, we discovered this offbeat bit of news. Officials at the Greek Ministry of Agriculture are considering imposing a tax on pet owners.Yes you heard correctly… PET OWNERS! So if you have a dog named Spike or a cat named Fifi you might just be slapped with a hefty tax! The idea is nothing new. Already this tax has been proposed and/or implemented in many states in the US. There are laws that clearly state that an average at least $250 tax will apply to all dogs and cats throughout the US, but as we lightly researched the subject we only found that several states have adopted it. While farm animals are still undetermined, the US tax law is imposed on any animal that can be considered a domestic pet. Evidently the tax for smaller pets such as hamsters, rats, snakes, ferrets, guinea pigs, etc. is probably at a reduced rate, depending on size. It is obvious that the people that are run our governments have totally lost their senses. In their desperation to raise revenues they are planning to tax anything that moves. Why not try snipping a little of their salaries? Now there is an idea!!! It would not surprise us if we found out sooner or later that they are going to tax the air we breath! 

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