SHOCKING REPORT – First he operated on her and then he raped her!

An unprecedented rape case occurred in Cyprus this week, leaving the local community there (and then some) in total disbelief. Accompanied by her husband, a young girl made an official complaint to her local police that while her gynaecologist was performing surgery on her and while under sedation he had the audacity to rape her.

The Police immediately issued a warrant for the arrest of the 56 year-old doctor who has a private practise in a Larnaca clinic, while he would be taken to the Larnaca District Court for an order of detention within the following few days.

Police spokesman Michael Katsounotou stated that the female was under sedation but she woke up at some point and witnessed that the doctor was lying over her stark naked!

The news is more than revolting but luckily the girl had the courage to file a complaint about this. Men like these can only be termed as “sick bast**rds”.

It stunned so many people that today it was featured on many Greek blogs, as well as the Greek version of To Proto Thema newspaper.


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