Loverdos Shuts Down Cardiology Dept. Putting Tens of Children at Risk

This next story absolutely shocked us her at hellasfrappe today. It is the most ridiculous bit of news we have learned so far and shows how incompetent our government is as well as how difficult it is to even suggest firing someone in the public sector. Even when children’s lives are at stake! The news of the day is that the behavior of three doctors at the children’s  Paidon Agia Sophia Hospital, in charge of the cardiology department apparently caused Minister of Health Andreas Loverdos to take a decision and close down the whole department, which is the only one of its sort in Athens. In other words, three doctors who apparently don’t get along while working together made a government minister angry and he in return shut down this part of the hospital, leaving children forgetting that there are a multitude of other children waiting to be operated on. 
Loverdos’ excuse was that shameful and outrageous scenes were taking place within this department, and according to the Minister that is why he decided to shut it down. Specifically, the minister stated that the doctors of this clinic would even transfer their quarrels to the operating table and at times from their squabbling the patients would wake up from sedation!!!!!! 
How difficult was it for this Minister to just fire these men? And replace them with other doctors? Does it take a rocket scientist to figure that out? 
By shutting down this department at the Children’s Hospital he is putting tens of lives at risk. 
It is incredible how the Greek public sector works…. this ten percent of the population makes it a living hell for the remaining 90 percent. 
This is a shameful story, and a stupid, STUPID decision on the part of Loverdos.

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