Cyprus Energy Service Stripped of Resonsibility For Drilling

An interesting report said today that the Cyprus Energy Service has been stripped of all responsibility on issues related to hydrocarbons and drilling by the Ministry of Commerce. Until today, officials in the department had the power to act on issues of exploitation, exploration, licensing and policy. Director of the Energy Services Solon Kassinis confirmed that the Minister of Trade Praxoula Antoniadou had decided to scrap all powers that he and his officials had held regarding hydrocarbons.

According to the report, which was featured on Famagusta news, Kassinis and four senior collegues were informed about the decision in a letter, but were given no explanation about the decision; with Kassinis adding that he was not invited to discuss the situation. Kassinis, who has been the public face of the drilling initiative, has a fractious relationship with Antoniadou which has led to the pair clashing on several occasions over the past month, especially on issues related to drilling. The Energy Service of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism has the overall responsibility of Energy in Cyprus and published the new directive in the official government gazette on Friday.


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