Germany’s ROSAT Satellite to Fall This Weekend!

The debris of Germany’s ROSAT satellite is expected to fall this weekend. Reports claim that the satellite may fall down any moment between October 21-25, and what is worse scientists have not been able to determine the site of the crash.
The space observatory weighing 2.4 tons was launched in 1990. It finished working in 1999, after the discovery of 80,000 X-ray sources. Apparently officials will only be able to determine the place of the fall ten hours before it happens, CNews said.

They also claim that the satellite might fall into several dozens and even hundreds of fragments. The probability of human casualties during the fall of the debris is extremely low – one in 2,000.

A report on the website said that this uncontrollable landing of the satellite began in 2009, when German scientists said that they had lost communication with the spacecraft.

ROSAT will become the next “heavyweight” spacecraft after the USA’s UARS (Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite) since the 1990s. The debris of this satellite weighing 6.5 tons crashed on Earth on September 24. The spacecraft fell into the ocean, no one was hurt.

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