Cousin of Onassis Looks in Trash for Food To Eat

Incredibly, the cousin of the late Aristotle Onassis, Olga Onassis was the focus of an article in Germany’s Bild. The reason: She is so poor that she has to look through the trash everyday in order to find her next meal! The image of  90-year Olga leaning against the garbage cans apparently made a deep impression on many Germans, the relevant article said. Olga was married to a cousin of Aristotle Onassis, George. He was apparently one of the few relatives that did not inherit any fortunes and she apparently lives with 300 euros a month pension. Unfortunately there are many such Olgas in Greece and it is expected that many more will begin to surface because pensions have been slashed to such a degree that seniors in Greece now debate on whether to use their funds for medicine, or for food. Scenes such as these are daily occurrences in Greece now, and all this, to save the corporate elite, the banks and the bank bonuses of some corporate yuppies.There is a saying in Greece that says, “Edo pou eime tha ftaseis kai esy” which means that “You too will reach my age one day”, and we add, when you do… we hope that scenes like this will be just an ugly memory of the past.

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