Papandreou and Company Have 48 Hours of Life Left!!!

The Australian news channel ABC Australia insists, via its correspondent in Athens, that the government of George Papandreou has only 48 hours of life left before it falls!  She says that under the weight of the demonstrations against his government’s new austerity measures, Papandreou, has been pressuring party members to vote on the controversial new bill not because it will secure the sixth instalment of the IMF-EU bail out fund (which is the only line of reasoning that is being told to people via the mainstream media), but to actually secure his position in power. She claimed that if the bill is not voted on in Parliament tonight then Papandreou and many members of his Cabinet risk being charged of treason, and being jailed since there are at least twelve cases pending against them from various organizations and citizens at the moment!

The charges, according to her, are very severe, and it is the first time in the history of the Greek parliament that so many citizens have actually gone against the government. “Mr. Papandreou is in a terribly difficult position, because he sees that the margins have narrowed dramatically.”

She says that there is a figure of speech that has reached the point of blackmail to the Members of his party to vote otherwise they will fall and it could mean prison for many of them.  “Our estimate is that the Papandreou government will fall.”



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