Keiser slaps banker for giggling over Greek crisis

People in Greece have a right to revolt against the banking system which is committing massive fraud in the country, Max Keiser told Press TV. In an interview with Press TV, Keiser, commented on the latest developments regarding the economic crisis in Greece. He said that it is in the best interest of Greek’s sovereignty to default. “The Greek people know that they are struggling and fighting for their sovereignty; that bankers from outside the country want to steal their assets. They want to steal the new gold mining operations that have recently been talked about as going to be exploited.”
Keiser says that we have to first go back to the creation of the euro.
“We now know that Goldman Sachs was involved in a sinister plot, if you want to call it sinister. I just call that fraud of hiding Greek debt. Goldman Sachs has made repeated bets against the Greek economy through credit default swaps. There is a meeting with Lloyd Blankfein and John Paulson, a noted hedge fund manager in Athens, a couple of years ago. The sole purpose of that meeting was how to destroy the Greek economy using credit default swaps.So it is a sinister plot and it is in Greek’s best interest to get rid of those bankers who are with Papandreou committing massive fraud. They do not use that term lightly or in any way other than what the legal definition of fraud is. They were induced and tricked into massive debt and accounting fraud.”
He said that just in the past week, Bank of New York [was] caught with a 300-billion-dollar pension scam; Wachovia Wells Fargo [was] recently caught in a 400-billion Mexican drug laundering scam; Bank of America, just in the last two days, [was] caught trying to move more than trillions in debts from Merrill Lynch to the public federal balance sheet and of course, just in the last couple of days, the Supreme Court of America saying that the mirrors foreclosure scandal is OK by them even though it is a 400-billion-dollar fraud.
That is why, he added, “we have to collapse the banks”.
Keiser believes that we have to go after the banks the same way we go after terrorists in these other countries. “These other terrorists are targeted for assassination by Obama, and yet he lets terrorists like Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon go scot free. That is a double standard. The people in Greece are right to revolt as John Locke said in 1793: If the social contract is broken, the people must revolt. But being an apologist for the bank, you are putting a giant bull’s eye on your back, which you are happy to do, but do not blame us when that day of reckoning comes…”
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