Greeks work more than Europeans and Americans, says new report

Greek workers put in longer hours than any other Europeans or Americans, according to a new report by McKinsey. that was featured on CNBC. The consulting firm’s 60-page brief, “Greece 10 Years Ahead,” examines what makes the Greek economy so uncompetitive relative to its neighbors and offers advice on what to do about it. 
The report says that Greece has the lowest labor participation rate in all of Europe — just 66 percent of the employable population have jobs, compared with 73 percent in the European Union and 70 percent in Southern Europe. Second, not only are fewer Greeks working, those who do are far less productive: A Greek worker’s productivity comes in at $35 an hour, compared with $49 an hour in the EU, $55 an hour in Central Europe, and $58 and hour in the U.S. 
Read more at CNBC

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