Papathanasiou Knocks Out Papakonstantinou During Battle of Words

A battle of words broke out last night on a political talk show on the MEGA channel, with personal attacks, between former finance ministers George Papakonstantinou (with the PASOK government of George Papandreou) and G. Papathanasiou (with the ND government of Costas Karamanlis).

Papakonstantinou who is currently serving as Minister of the Environment was shocked by the allegations from Papathanasiou claiming that Greece was purposely lead to the IMF and thus the Memorandum with the Troika by PASOK and because he couldn’t answer to the barrage of questions, and more or less felt like he was exposed, he decided to do what all PASOK MPs are known to do best, make personal attacks against their fellow speakers. 

The attacks got so personal at one point that Papakonstantinou literally insulted Papathanasiou for having experience in the commercial sector prior to becoming a politician, saying that because of this Papathanasiou would never be able to level up to his Brussels colleagues because he had “street smarts”.
Papathanasiou, who was a successful sales merchant prior to becoming a politician and one of the few people in the Greek Parliament that actually understands the commercial sector very well, answered back saying that he was proud of this and characterized it as a bonus in his character. 
This is not what Papakonstantinou was waiting to hear and as you will see in the video below it almost looks like it was even too appalling to this PASOK Minister, who with his “Golden Boy” attitude totally snubbed poor Papathanasiou.

This only made Papathanasiou strike back again, this time he presented facts and figures, and with the passion to get the truth out there let Papakonstantinou have it for good!

Judging from what was being said today after this electrifying brawl of words, (meaning the impressions from last night’s show) it was definitely KNOCK OUT in Papathanasiou’s favour!

Editor’s Note: (The main opposition New Democracy party should send COMPETENT MPs such as Papathanasiou to talk shows to discuss about our national issues, who are closer in heart to every average Greek citizen rather than some of the other incompetent bozos it has sent until now, if it indeed respects its voters, and most importantly is serious about getting the truth out there. Way to go Papathanasiou! Wooo-Hooo!!)


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