Who is Tsolakoglou and why is everyone calling Papandreou by this name?

Over the last few days Greek blogs have baptized Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou calling him a a “Georgios Tsolakoglou”. The obvious question… Who is Tsolakoglou? The latter figure had signed the armistice treaty with the Wehrmacht and was appointed as chief of a new Nazi puppet collaborationist regime in Athens during the 1940s. He was a formal army officer who went against Greek national interests, as well as sided with foreigners against his very own people and literally surrendered the Greek Army to the Axis Occupation in 1941-1942. The result of this “betrayal” was the German plundering of Greece’s resources,  which later caused food shortages, massive inflation and a devastating famine that killed as many as 100,000 Greeks.  
What a coincidence, so did our prime minister, only 70 years later!!
Would you look at that….

According to Wikipedia, as an officer in the Greek Army, and after the German invasion and capture of Thessaloniki on April 9, 1941, German motorized units, succeeded in reaching the vital Metsovon Pass on April 18, overcoming local Greek resistance and thus capturing Ioannina, thereby effectively cutting off the Greek Army. When the hopelessness of resistance became apparent, Tsolakoglou, along with several other senior generals began considering surrendering to the Germans. He immediately sent messengers to the Germans proposing surrender, and on the same day signed a surrender protocol with the commander of the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler brigade, Sepp Dietrich.

Oh my… this is too surreal George Papandreou did the same thing when he called on the TROIKA to send the lifeboat they have been promising to the “sinking Titanic” -as Papandreou had termed it- Greece on April 23, 2010. He totally humiliated our nation with this move, and put us at the mercy of our European partners and the IMF, all of whom since then have demanded our own flesh in return for bank aid.  

Despite urgent orders by Greek Commander-in-chief Alexandros Papagos, that he be relieved and resistance continued to the last, the next day, at Larissa, the surrender was formalized, with Tsolakolglou signing the unconditional surrender of the Greek Army to the Germans. Tsolakoglou himself wrote in his memoirs: “I found myself before a historic dilemma: To allow the fight to continue and have a holocaust or, obeying the pleas of the Army’s commanders, to assume the initiative of surrendering…. Having made my decision to dare, I did not consider responsibilities…. Until today I have not regretted my actions. On the contrary, I feel proud.”

Oh my… George Papandreou said the same thing when he went to Germany a couple of weeks ago and formalised the occupation by agreeing to give Germany everything! He offered our land, our water and our soil, all at a bargain
price!. He also said that German funding would not be an investment in past failures, but in future successes! And we ask, what success? Germany wants to build special investment zones in Greece, where Greek state law will be not be applied. A Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a geographical region that has economic and other laws that are more free-market-oriented than a country’s typical or national laws. They can pay their workers as much as they want, do whatever they want, and the Greek state will have no say in their activities. In a few words, these zone will have special treatment from the Greek state. They will not pay rent for the land they use, and if they operate as they do in other parts of the world then these zones will not even pay electricity or any other types of utilities. Also, they have a “special tax rate”. Basically they are a state within the
state and the workers who work there are under special labor laws  
About four or five such special zones (according to rumors) will soon begin. The Memorandum of Shame has had such a negative economic effect on people in this country, and created such high unemployment that people desperate for work will rush to gain a piece of bread for their survival. (We heard rumors of salaries that are 300 euro net per month, with no union based contracts, no right to strike, protest, etc).

On April 30, 1941, Tsolakoglou was appointed Prime Minister of a collaborationist government by the Axis Occupation authorities. Tsolakoglou remained as head of the government until December 2, 1942, when he was dismissed and replaced by Konstantinos Logothetopoulos. After Greece was liberated, Tsolakoglou was arrested, tried by a Special Collaborators Court in 1945 and sentenced to death. His death penalty was ultimately commuted to life imprisonment, and he died of leukaemia in prison in 1948. 

Oh my… So that is why the “TROIKA” wants a collaborationist government in Greece and has put all of its propaganda forces into action to endorse this. How brainless can we be! We are under occupation!
We here at hellasfrappe are learning about Greek history just as much as all of you… and we tip our hats to the blogs that have term Papandreou as the new Tsolakoglou. We did the comparison because we want the world to finally wake up from their coma and realize that this is what they had planned to do from the start. They want to create special economic zones so that they can be competitive against the only rising power which is China. The difference is, we still pay the same prices, if not more with all the price hikes, on our food, our utilities and our services… while salaries have been slashed more than 40 percent. 
The only thing we can say is that it does not surprise us one bit why citizens of Greece scream out the word GOUDI everytime they hear George Papandreou’s name, and anyone associated with the PASOK party for that matter. (Goudi being a place where executions were conducted)
It does not surprise us one bit why they call him a traitor for conducting “secret diplomacy” on issues that deal with FYROM, the Aegean Sea, and the energy sector. 
Doesn’t this make you wonder why he refuses to step down from power? He is obviously following orders and they are not ready to retire him as of yet, until they suck every living and breathing nobility and civility we have left in us as a people. 
In fact Papandreou and his merry men will stop at nothing until they totally destroy the people of this nation.
They are dangerous, and thus considered persona non grata by us the people. 
Please step down from power Mr. Papandreou and leave Greece now while it is still safe. Because if there are further plans to belittle us and drive us even further to the ground, then we here at hellsafrappe are afraid that it will be too late for your government to escape the wrath of the people and the world might once again see scenes like those in Argentina when a similar Tsolakoglou tried to escape with a helicopter.

Marina Spanos
(Editor’s Note – click here to listen to today’s radio show from G. Trangas and find out why they call Papandreou Tsolakoglou as well as why people have been led to believe this. Today’s show which is about two hours was the most revealing ever- PART 1 – http://www.real.gr  –  PART 2-www.real.gr   –   PART 3-www.real.gr  –   PART4-www.real.gr  )


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