SHOCKING NEWS – 6,000 Special Italian Police Forces are in Greece ahead of protests tomorrow!

Ahead of a global movement that began in New York City with “Occupy Wall Street” and has not spread to countless cities all over North America and all over the world, and plans for a global demonstration tomorrow (Oct. 15) a report on tromaktiko just said that a unit of 6,000 Special Police Forces arrived in Greece from Verona, Italy and are currently in Larissa. According to news, these forces will enrich our own riot police ahead of tomorrow’s protests which are expected to be one of the largest ever. The same reports also claim that specialized tanks and other such materials also arrived in Greece today for this very purpose. 

Eye-witness reports claim that these officers all have the same look (shaved heads, bulky). 

Reasonable questions are rising. 

Are they expecting riots to break tomorrow (or planning to trigger them… to occur) when the whole world will partake in similar protests? 

When Occupy Wall Street will be in Washington, in Montreal, at the Toronto Stock Exchange and every major city across the planet? 

Will we once again re-live the events of June 29? 
Or will we once again mourn more victims like we did in last year’s protests when three adults from Marfin Bank died, one of which was pregnantl?

Or are they just saying all this just to intimidate the people so that they will not protest?
It remains to be seen.


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