It is confirmed militarised Eurogedfor units are in Greece

It was just confirmed from various blogs, the European Gendarmerie Force (Eurogedfor).is indeed in Greece. According to exclusive reports from prionokordela they are located in a military camp on the outskirts of Larissa. For obvious reasons the blog would not disclose more information. 
A separate report on Kontra Channel just said that the Greek Communist Party (KKE) also surfaced the issue today (because it also had some information on this), while on certain blogs it was also mentioned that many units also arrived by Greek C140 military planes.
The eye witness reports were also confirmed that claimed they entered
Greece through the Igoumenitsa port and the claims that said that they shipped over a
large number of camouflaged armored vehicles.
According to prionokordela, the brigade will be dispatched in Athens and other major cities all over Greece, traveling to and fro by tourist buses so as to not raise suspicion.
The Eurogedfor is a whole brigade, consisting of Germans and Dutch dressed in civilian clothing that are specialized in riot situations. Basically it is an intervention force, designed after the French Gendarmerie and the Italian Unita Specializzate Multinazionali (MSU) of the Carabinieri and has militarised police functions as well as specialises in crisis management. They use armored fighting vehicles, and equipment which were created to perform war-related missions in areas such as Kosovo, Afghanistan, etc., where conventional forces are unable to carry out special missions in repression of crowds.


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