Gov’t denies reports of Eurogedfor’s arrival, eye-witness reports say otherwise

The rumours of that the European Gendarmerie Force (Eurogedfor).is in Greece is still headlining the blogosphere today since it is still unclear whether they are here or not.

The Eurogedfor is a whole brigade, consisting of Germans and Dutch dressed in civilian clothing that are specialized in riot situations. Basically it is an intervention force, designed after the French Gendarmerie and the Italian Unita Specializzate Multinazionali (MSU) of the Carabinieri and has militarised police functions as well as specialises in crisis management.

A couple of hours ago and after a massive load of information about their arrival began making headlines on most of the Greek news blogs; the Greek Ministry of the Protection of the Citizen (in other words the Law and Order Ministry) denied the reports. But then again there is the issue with the government’s “credibility” since it has lied to the people of Greece on so many accounts that it is difficult to actually believe when they are telling the truth and when they are not anymore.

The only reason the issue is still being broadcasted on most of the blogs is because there are too many eye-witness reports that claim otherwise. We already know that officials had given in and admitted that some units had come to Greece about eight months ago for combat exercises and training (or so they say), but this is only after their arrival was exposed, so do we believe a government that has lied to us, or do we believe the tens of eye-witness reports? You decide.

Late last night hellasfrappe also posted a relevant story, but we stressed that we could not confirm the reports. (click here for that story)

Even defencenet –which has the sources to confirm this- posted a relevant story on this claiming that it too could not confirm the reports, but it received information that Eurogedfor entered through Igoumenitsa, fully equipped with armored vehicles. It said that the unit travelled to some place in Thessaly, but the information is still unclear.

A separate report on another military news site (onalert) said that residents from Igoumenitsa and Larissa witnessed a crowd of men dressed in civilian clothing, holding briefcases with the initials EGF, and huge transport trucks carrying armored vehicles. The same eye-witness reports said these units arrived in Igoumenitsa and made their way to Larissa’s former air force base. This would make sense since a unit of this magnitude as well as its material could only be hosted in a former army base.

If they are here, then maybe they are here to take part in joint police exercises with our police forces, but the “time chosen for these exercises” raises many questions.

Don’t forget the Greek Parliament is set to vote on extremely harsh (and crucial for our lenders) measures in the next few days, and this already has half of the country on the streets in a barrage of strikes. Protests are expected to heighten over the next few days… So the issue of “timing” should be taken into consideration.

We do not want to even think that the Troika sent them to protect the government and prevent resistance from the people, because if that is the case, then our government, (who knows if they are here or not) has simply declared war on its own people.

Besides, if this force is used in a riot it would have the opposite effect on Greek rioters anyway: This will surface even further feelings of resistance from Greeks. Anarchy will take place from the eldest to the youngest. It is not that long ago that Greece was under a military dictatorship, and the wounds are still too fresh to be wiped away from people’s memory. People will risk anything and everything to stop this and they will even rise up from their death beds and fight.

When trying to confirm the reports this morning as a follow-up to last night’s story, hellasfrappe also remembered that back in June Vice-Premier Theodore Pangalos had said that the country would devolve into complete anarchy, with tanks roaming the streets, a population on the verge of civil war, with mass suicides, just for dramatic impact, should bankers not get their way.

Was he warning us from then?

So “bankers” have sent these troops here…??????

O re glentia…

In all seriousness, the Eurogedfor is no laughing matter. They use armored fighting vehicles, and equipment which were created to perform war-related missions in areas such as Kosovo, Afghanistan, etc., where conventional forces are unable to carry out special missions in repression of crowds. 

May God have mercy on this government if it even allows for this to happen against the people!


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