CALL TO SIGN PETITION – German war reparations provide an outlet for the Greek crisis!

Hellasfrappe urges all its readers to go online and sign this crucial petition. It takes only one minute of your time. It does not matter if you live in Montreal, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Moscow, L.A or Melbourne. If you have been reading hellasfrappe and want to act… now is the time.
Hellenes and friends of Hellas can sign. Our country is the only nation in the world that has not been compensated for the war crimes caused by Nazi Germany, but today all the eyes of the world are on us in fear of an economic collapse.

The Greek deficit, which is strongly questioned and which has not been officially certified, comes to 360 billion euros.

It has been publicly acknowledged that the Memorandum and the various add-ons that have been forced upon our country, have failed to solve the financial crisis.

As a result of this failure, the methodical liquidation of the country’s assets has started, whereby the wealth of the country will be sold at cut-price rates, seeing that the Greek capital market has been degraded at over 80%. If the liquidation of Greece’s assets becomes effective, it is equivalent to the quasi ceding of Greece’s sovereignty, and ultimately it will lead to her destruction.

Greece is the only country that has not received war reparations, which include the occupational loan and repayment for the destruction to the infrastructure and the productivity of the country. It comes to the sum total of 162 billion euros, without interest, according to the statistics from the Central Bank of Greece. This amount could be deducted from the national debt by dividing it into 40 annual installments by using a logistical counterbalance system. In this way, it will relieve the Greek crisis, which is tending to become not only a European crisis, but also a worldwide one.

We, who have signed this petition, acknowledge the respect that you as world leaders have towards Greece’s contribution to mankind and your belief in the rights of the people. We hope that from your position you will intervene in favour of this petition, which will contribute towards avoiding this imminent tragedy, reinstate a great injustice and produce stability in the world economy.


(At the same time please take a look at the bottom at other important
causes such as the Kastelorizo move, and the “Bring them Back” -for
Acropolis Marbles campaigns-, among others now is the time to act.)


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