Turkey wants to "share" Aegean for tourism with Greece

Less than one week ago hellasfrappe featured a story about Alex Rondos and his views about a division of the Aegean Sea (click here for that story) between Greece and Turkey. The article, which featured an interview by Rondos to the Turkish Hurriyet newspaper, quoted Rondos as saying, among other things, that the Aegean sea should be transformed into one tourist market where both nations can come and go as they please to each others coasts for the weekend. Some may recall that we asked if the views expressed by Mr. Rondos, who is an adviser to the  Greek Prime Minister, were also accepted by George Papandreou. Well… we finally received our answer today when we found out that Turkey’s culture and tourism minister, Ertugrul Gunay, who was in Greece on Wednesday, said that Turkey was ready to extend touristic assistance to Greece by sharing the Aegean sea. “The Aegean Sea will be a destination which would like to be visited the
most in the world if Turkey and Greece cooperate in tourism,” Gunay told
reporters in Athens, Greece.”

Gunay is in the Greek capital for Eighth Turkish-Greek Tourism Forum. 

Α report on the world bulletin quoted him as saying that Turkey and Greece should facilitate travel and simplify visa procedures, and Turkey was expecting such a move from Greece.

Gunay later spoke in the opening session of the forum, and said improvement of Turkish-Greek cooperation would not only be for the best interests of the two countries but also bring the two nations closer to each other.

Also speaking in the meeting, Greek Minister of Culture and Tourism Pavlos Geroulanos (who is a very, very close associate of George Papandreou) actually  said that the improvement of cooperation in tourism would have positive effect on Turkish and Greek economies. 

What kind of improvement Mr. Geroulanos? Dividing our sea is an improvement? 

Ti les re Ntalara….? Pas kala?


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