Piri Reis sets out for Cyprus’ Plot 12 but suffers engine failure

photo by defencenet
Ankara once again fell victim today to its arrogant ambitions of becoming the Sultan nation of the East Med. Although the Turkish exploration vessel Piri Reis was again sent to conduct research within Cyprus’ EEZ non-repairable mechanical failure blocked it from attempting to even begin its operations in this area. The vessel is apparently presently located southwest of occupied Famagusta with a damaged engine. 
The ship needed repairs, but in its desperation to get it near the drilling area and provoke more tension, and despite warnings from the West, from Russia, from France and especially Israel, Ankara ordered the vessel to continue his journey. Obviously it could not. 
This is where the idiom “O Theos agapei ton klefti alla to noikokiri perissotero” (meaning “God might love the thief … but he loves the honest man more”).
Unfortunately Turkey is continuing its military harassment of Cyprus on various
fronts, in an effort to overturn the international legal status quo.
Ankara is sending underwater assault team commandos (SAT) to patrol the
eastern Mediterranean, along with frigates and helicopters. Hellasfrappe
had reported several days ago that three teams are to patrol the region
between November 15 and August 15 2012.
To fully
guarantee its sovereign rights, Cyprus plans a new international tender
for its remaining 12 blocks in its EEZ in early 2012. French and Russian
companies are expected to express an interest, but that will largely
depend on the result of the current drills.

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