Militarised Eurogedfor rumoured to be in Greece (VIDEO)

Several blog reports have been circulating the news over the last few hours that that the Eurogendfor riot police is in Greece. For those you who do not know, the European Gendarmerie Force (Eurogedfor).is a whole brigade, consisting of Germans and Dutch dressed in civilian clothing that are specialized in riot situations. Basically it is an intervention force, designed after the French Gendarmerie and the Italian Unita Specializzate Multinazionali (MSU) of the Carabinieri and has militarised police functions as well as specialises in crisis management. 
The reports said that they came via Igoumenitsa port and moved to Larissa, where, according to information-they camped, probably at the Air Force there that recently closed. The same sources claim that the very next day trucks carrying camouflaged armored vehicles also came to Greece through the same port.
The news was just mentioned on Kontra Channel with Terence Quick as well, but it was underlined that they could not confirm these reports either.
Why would they come to Greece anyway? Has there been a threat on our Parliament and we don’t know about it? Is there some kind of other national threat? Has our government declared a state of emergency?
Hellasfrappe believes that it is none of the above. If the news is true then this force is here to do what it does best… beat people up. As if the brutality from the riot police in Athens was not enough, they decided to ship military police to Greece in order to contain the people from rioting and or protesting?
If this news proves to be true, then it is crystal clear… the Greek government has declared war on its very own people.


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