What is the true meaning of Hellenism to you?

In my quest to spread the true meaning of Hellenism I began this blog and since then battled to promote my views on what the true definition of Hellenism should mean, and what its real driving force should be. I felt the need to do this, because this nation has been thrown many non-Hellenistic values and ideals lately that go against everything that I myself was raised on. 
Some of these new and foreign ideals are being promoted to us through television shows, books, music and the interpretation of our history. Scholars are feeding us falsifications, our priests are not preaching the true word of God to us and our politicians have forgotten what the true meaning of democracy actually means. 
It is almost like the world has conspired against us, so that we may lose our hope and faith in everything we believe in. This has angered myself and many, many other people who do not, and cannot, accept this dellusional approach to our culture. 
Being of sound mind and body, I decided to take the scientific approach and google the word and I came up with these definitions:
  • the devotion to or imitation of ancient Greek thought, customs, or styles
  • The Hellenic civilization especially as modified in the Hellenistic period by influences from southwestern Asia
  • A body of humanistic and classical ideals associated with ancient Hellas and including reason, the pursuit of knowledge and the arts, moderation, civic responsibility, and bodily development  
Although I agree to some extent, Hellenism to me goes beyond rhetoric mumbo-jumbo. In my opinion its central characteristic is the worship of man, humanism and a fusion of the ancient world with that of the West, the Middle East and Asia. 
An Hellene is closely associated with his ancestors who were blessed with grace as the chief element in human well-being and
perfection. Being an Hellene is having an attitude that does not respect “barbarian” cultures but rather values the humanistic and values and ideals that focus on honor and common sense.
Hellenes light the flame of knowledge wherever they go, they follow tradition, they have ethical behavior, they are tactful and they have candor. Everywhere they have stepped foot in this world, they have enriched their societies and have inspired others to adopt their ideals.
They are a compassionate people with humor and capable of understanding the sciences, law, philosophy, mathematics, art, theater.Hellenes respect one another’s right to learn, think, speak, laugh out loud, drink wine, dance in the rain and even when they are oppressed (as they have been throughout most of their history) they move forward determined with what they know in their hearts to be true.
They do not believe in limitations and cannot accept being shackled, but they rather thirst and always long to be free. 
And yes, they do spend much of their time analyzing the world, but the beauty of this is that they  focus on man’s existence, its end, and at the same time question how one should live one’s life in between.
So in brief what is a true Hellene?
  • When a true Hellene looks at himself in the mirror he sees a long line of a nation of oppressed and struggling souls that fight with zeal to protect the true definition of freedom, democracy and equality.
  • When a true Hellene looks at himself in the mirror he sees his capability to change the world and follow the footsteps of his forefathers struggles.
  • When a true Hellene looks at himself in the mirror he sees all that his ancestors have contributed to the world and thus stands proud because it is focused on what this world was meant to be.
  • When a true Hellene looks at himself in the mirror he knows that the pillars that hold up this society only have to do with three words Patris-Oikogeneia-Thriskeia (meaning the honor and respect of our flag, the admiration of family and the glory of faith).
In my opinion everything else that goes against all these simple but fundamental principals and ideals can only be termed non-Hellene. 
We embraced the world and every corner of this beautiful earth has benefited from our knowledge and our unique spirit. 
We are not an ouzo, good for nothing and lazy-populated nation, we are a proud people with a long and vast history and contribution to this world. We demand and deserve to be respected. Please stop attacking the people of this nation…
Marina Spanos

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