UPDATED – Turkish patrol boat harasses Greek cruise ship putting passengers at risk (VIDEO)

A Turkish Coast Guard patrol boat (#101) apparently harassed a Greek cruise ship on route from Kalymnos to Mastichari, Kos on Tuesday endangering the lives of tens of passengers. Ten minutes before its arrival in Mastichari (at 11:50 hours), the Kalymnos Dolphin (fly boat) was apparently harassed by a Turkish coast guard vessel that had left Bodrum and was on route in the Aegean. The incident apparently occurred one to two miles before the Greek ship actually set anchor in this port of Kos, a report on defencenet said.

The report said that the Turkish vessel saw that the Greek cruiser was sailing perpendicular to its path, but it purposely decided to pick up even more speed literally lifting waves and putting the lives of hundreds of people at risk who were traveling with the Greek speed boat.

Thank God Greece breeds excellent seamen and the captain immediately shut down the ship’s engines until the Turkish vessel distanced itself. Sadly many foreign tourists were on board that were travelling to Kos in order to transfer to its international airport for their trip back home and got the scare of their lives, and for good reason! It is unfortunate that before their trips they were exposed to this type of brutality. 


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