SKAI host loses control shows loathing for his guest (VIDEO)

Patience and composure remain are valuable tools in life. We don’t always get instant gratification but they are virtues that can be cultivated and nurtured. All of us have a patience meter whose gauge goes up and down depending on our mood, our personality, our intentions and our triggers. And no one is an exception, not even well-mannered and highly acclaimed talk show hosts.

One such incident occurred on last night’s episode of “Oi Neoi Fakeloi”. It was
the first time we witnessed main show host Alex Papachelas totally
losing control and being downright rude. There literally was steam coming out of his collar
when he was speaking with his guest and it was very obvious that he is
100 percent, and without a doubt, pro-government! 
The main guest was Christos Lazaridis, key adviser to the leader of the main opposition New Democracy Party Antonis Samaras.Some of the items discussed included the Greek economy, the present political climate as well as the relationship Greece-IMF-EU and ECB.

The reason hellasfrappe decided to post a small comment about this particular episode today was not so as to analyze the interview, which in our opinion was rather dull, nor is it to defend Lazaridis (because we are very, very iffy about him and do not agree with many of his leftist ideals) but we are still debating with ourselves if this was a caffeine deprivation attack on the part of Papachelas… or sheer hate. We have never seen so much agitation from him before. The only other time we witnessed this type of loathing towards the main opposition party was when former leader Costas Karamanlis was in power, and we all knew that Mr. Papachelas did not really like him to begin with.  

He literally went on a rampage last night taking his guest by storm, and was sarcastic towards him, he totally belittled the main opposition party for its stance on matters that have to do with the economy (because they go against pro-government decisions) and he even went as far as to ask and answer most of the questions himself not allowing his guest to even state his opinion on at least one!

It was a total one-man show!

In his stubborness to find an area where he could use his cleverness to “attack” the main opposition party, he did the biggest mistake (in our opinion) and displayed total disgust against the ND party. He should of been objective, and not made his political ideals (which are totally in favor of the ruling socialist PASOK party) so damn obvious!

I mean c’mon… learn to act the part at least!

Our favorite part of the conversation though was near the end. About 45 minutes into the interview (and after seeing that he wasn’t irritating Lazaridis so that he too can lose his composure and make a mistake so that Papachelas could attack) the talk show host (who is one of the most educated men in his field) asked the most stupidest question to date.

He asked Lazaridis if the main opposition party adopts the ideals of internet “hooligans” (or bloggers) who display Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Nikola Sarkozy as dictators. What a dumb (and lame) question to ask anyone who is associated in the diplomatic world at a time when Greece is hanging by a thread from its European partners.

What did you expect Lazaridis to answer?


Obviously it was no… but in your rampage against the ND party and the insistence you displayed in interrupting your guest every time he began to speak and try to answer the multitude of questions you threw his way, you made yourself look totally foolish for asking that Mr. Papachelas.

If you indeed want to know the answer to that question, don’t bother with Lazaridis, come down to Pireaus and ask 100,000 people… you don’t have to invest in broadband or anything and they will totally agree with the hooligans Mr. Papachelas. But our leaders cannot say yes, because that would give opposition reporters such as yourself something to lash out about over Antonis Samaras.

This might of worked in the days of Costas Karamanlis, when the majority of the Greek media was in total war with him, but it is not going to work on the general public anymore. Because since then, we have realized that the mainstream media wants to direct public opinion for its own intent and purposes.

As intellectual free thinkers, we will not make the same mistake again.

Our conclusion therefore is that after viewing your weekly talk show Mr. Papachelas, of which we might add we are great fans of nonetheless, we vote thumbs down on yesterday’s show because you were downright rude. It saddened us to watch a bright man such as Alexis Papachelas
actually losing his composure. We rather liked his calm and well
mannered style.

He obviously couldn’t throw any mud towards the main opposition party because Lazaridis indeed kept his calm… but he displayed sheer and utter hate and it surfaced another part of him which we did not like and/or can respect. 

We propose that if Mr Papachelas actually believes in the ideals that he spoke about in this particular interview, then he should practice what he preaches first. We do not want to be left with the impression that the panic he displayed and the hate has anything to do with the fact that the popularity of PASOK is lagging and that the ND Party is leading in the polls.



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