France also sends war ship to East Med. to guard Cyprus drilling

photo by defencenet
Following the little “rift” in words between French President Nicola Sarkozy and Turkish Prime Minister T. Erdogan, over France’s official recognition of the genocide of Armenia and the call to Ankara to stop denying a premeditated government effort to wipe out Ottoman Turkey’s Armenian population, the government in Paris decided to take the next step and send a war ship to the area as well in order to protect the drilling that is currently taking place off the coast of Cyprus.

Specifically a report on defencenet said that France is sending a F792 Premier-Maître L’Her corvette type D’Estienne d’Orves so that it can send the message to Ankara that any type of move that does not comply with international law will not be tolerated.

It is the first time since the 1970’s that the French Fleet is once again taking its place against Turkey. The last time it did this was in 1976. Of course France is also protecting its interests in the area since it has already contracted two plots for drilling from the Cyprus government.

For now, the French ship will enforce the message that the West and Russia have been sending Ankara all along, which is that it should stay away from the drilling area. It is the right message and goes to the appropriate recipient. The final destination of the ship will be the Indian Ocean where the Corvette will participate in Europe’s Atalanta naval sea exercise.


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