Cyprus takes all measures to deal with developments in East Med.

Cyprus Minister of Defence Demetris Eliades stated that all measures are being taken on a diplomatic, political and military level to deal with developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and counteract Turkish threats against his country, following the start of natural gas and oil exploration in its exclusive economic zone. 
Speaking to reporters after a visit to military camps in Larnaca district, the Defence Minister said it is our obligation, especially these days, in conjunction with the leadership of the National Guard, to stand by the officers and National Guard men.

The Minister noted the excellent training and capability of the National Guard units that allows it to perform its duties to the maximum, if circumstances call for such action. At the same time, we are fully informed about developments in order to handle as best as possible any problems that may arise, he said. The National Guard, the Minister pointed out, needs the support, recognition and trust of the people and society as a fundamental prerequisite to fulfill its duties. I think it deserves it, he added.
Invited to comment on the Turkish threats following the start of the exploratory drilling in Cyprus EEZ, Eliades said that all measures on a diplomatic, political and military level are being taken to handle more effectively any developments. In this effort, he added, the support and encouragement of Greece is fundamental, he concluded. (ANA)

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