Political "Dog and Cat Fight" Greek Style!

Certainly we all have our moments, and sometimes people can lose their patience, but today’s dialogue between PASOK MP (and president of the Committee of Financial Affairs) Vasso Papandreou and main opposition New Democracy MP Manolis Kefalogiannis can go down in the books as “the dog and cat fight” of the year.Fortunately Greek Parliamentarians are not like some Asian MPs who beat each other up when they don’t agree with each other, but words cut deeper than knives and our MPs can indeed become a little vulgar at times.
Vasso Papandreou
It is actually quite funny and years from now, I am sure both these MPs will sit back and have a good laugh over it.
Our protagonist Vasso Papandreou continued to ignore the objections and inquisitions of Manolis Kefalogiannis until the latter, frustrated by being so ignored, began to interrupt the session with hopes of getting his voice heard. 
Vasso Papandreou (who was abusing her post as the president of the Committee of Financial Affairs as well as being totally ignorant to him because he is from the opposing party) kept ignoring Kefalogiannis until he became so “anal” that she called him a “bully” and then the vulgarity began.
M. Kefalogiannis:
“Are you going to ever start acting like the president of this committee?”

V. Papandreou:
“I cannot become a bully like you. No one is listening to you and taking you seriously.

M. Kefalogiannis:
“You have lost seriousness, and if you cannot (properly perform your duties) then you can step down from the presidential post so someone else can lead (this committee). You should be serious and (stop being) Vaso Papandreou”.

V. Papandreou:
“The characterizations of Mr. Kefalogiannus do not concern me.”

M. Kefalogiannis:
“And I don’t care about your existence “

V. Papandreou:
“Why don’t you go to hell mal…ka” 
Manolis Kefalogiannis
A little later on Mr. Kefalogiannis and after soaking in the word “makaka”, Mr. Kefalogiannis spoke his mind again and said “it is surreal that the president told me to ‘go to hell re mal…ka,” and with a swift look he looked over at Papandreou and said “get out of my way before I clobber you”.
The Committee wrapped up proceedings about ten minutes later when Mrs. Papandreou began to take it to extremes saying that she was not going to take Mr. Kefalogiannis’ rude tactics. 
Well Mrs. Papandreou… there is a phrase in Greece that says… that by day you should be a lady and a dirty talker only by night… What did you expect a man to say to you when you outright call him a makaka? Thank you? I think not!

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