MUST HEAR – Mbogiopoulos slams Germany and German tactics… !!!

The Greek Communist Party (KKE) does not only have a Liana Kanelli who is a “tell it like it is” politician, they also have Niko Mbogiopoulo, who is one of the most brightest journalists Greece has to offer. Although hellasfrappe does not agree with him politically, we long to hear him speak, because whenever he opens his mouth we learn more about the wheeling and the dealing of the diplomatic world. Whoever has sat at a round table with him usually ends up losing the debate. Listen to what Mr. Mbogiopoulos says in an interview to the Marconi Radio station in Volos when asked about what his impressions were on German Minister for Economics and Technology Philip Resler’s visit to Greece yesterday. 
Resler who came to Greece yesterday to appeal to Greek businessmen to invest in their country in order to encourage foreign companies to come to Greece said that he found it “weird” that Greek investors were abandoning their own country. Obviously he finds it “weird” if his central bank stopped taxing us the people with so much money, then maybe the companies that operated in Greece would remain here instead of moving elsewhere where there are less taxes on production!  
Mbogiopoulos totally slams Resler and even begins babbling about the so called “Marshall Agreement” following WWII to Greece, he slams corrupt politicians and Greek corporations that he says trade over 500 billion euros between each other, he then criticizes the people that control the gas network in Greece and finally he totally slams Germany for its “anthi-hellenic” tactics. This is Mbogiopoulos at his best! This is a MUST HEAR!

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