BREAKING NEWS – Turkish frigate just off of Sounio

Turkey’s lack of composure is obvious. A report on onalert  just said that Ankara dispatched the Kemal Reis frigate which was in the Eastern Mediterranean, to Cape Sounion and to Kafirea  in order to fuel more tension between Greek-Turkish relations.

The frigate “Kemal Reis” Class MEKO 200TN apparently set out early on Saturday morning passing south of Rhodes and moved west. It then suddenly changed course and began heading north. The Greek Defense Ministry, clearly covered up the event said a separate report on defencenet.

The frigate says the latter report passed south of Milos basically moving in international waters and then crossed the strait between the Kea and Kythnos and finally reached its destination which was 15 miles east of Cape Sounion.

All the time during which the Turkish frigate moved between the Greek islands, a naval rocket Stranger (warship) watched discreetly and recorded all movement.

At around 18:00 it began making its way towards the Cavo Doro.

Let us hope that this is just another Turkish “bully tactic” which Ankara attempts from time to time so as to intimidate Greek military patience. 
Please check in later for updates.


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