Heavy weapons cache found after apartment explosion in Thessaloniki

A cache of heavy weaponry has been found in the basement apartment in Thessaloniki where a Kurdish man was killed in a grenade explosion on Tuesday, police said on Thursday.  The 32-year-old Kurdish national was killed when a handgrenade he was holding exploded in an apartment in Triandria, Thessaloniki, on Tuesday night.

The man, who is believed to have been connected with armed Kurdish organisations, had submitted an application for political asylum in March 2010 in Athens, and had been living in Thessaloniki since April that same year.  A search of the ruins of the apartment turned up heavy weaponry and explosives, which are being examined by police.

The weaponry, which was hidden in a secret compartment in the apartment’s kitchen, included an Eastern European-made anti-tank weapon armed with a 64mm M80 shell, a Kalashnikov submachine gun with four rounds, a Scorpion submachine gun, an AK machine gun, an older model machine gun, ammunition of various sizes, 14 handgrenade detonators, six handgrenades, two anti-personnel mines and 5kg of an unidentified powder believed to be dynamite.

The investigation has been undertaken by police counter-terrorism officers from Athens. Indicative is the fact that Citizen Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis on Wednesday night called an emergency meeting with the heads of the Greek Police and National Intelligence Service (EYP). (ANA)


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