More violations in Cyprus airspace

Communications and Works Minister Efthymios Flourentzos announced earlier this week that violations of Cyprus’ air space by the Turks has evolved into an everyday phenomenon, adding that up to now there was no incidence of air or sea violation and there is no information for any harassment of Israeli ships or any deployment of Russian fleet in the region of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Invited to comment on the ongoing provocations of Turkey, as Cyprus has begun natural gas and oil exploration in its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), the Cyprus Communications and Works Minister was quoted by the Famagusta-Gazette news site as saying that “under normal circumstances they should have asked the Republic of Cyprus to issue a relevant notification, on the basis of the application they would make, but they haven’t done so.” 

He said that they have confined spaces outside the Republic of Cyprus sea waters to perform exercises and in this way they violate the Republic of Cyprus air space.

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