VIDEO REPORT – From "Occupy Wall Street" to "Occupy Toronto" on October 15!

Taking their cue from the pro-democracy movements of the Arab Spring in North Africa, as well as from American activists who have stormed Wall Street in New York and other US cities in a rally against the global financial system, the organizers of “Occupy Toronto “are expected to meet in T.O.’s financial district on October 15 at the intersection of Bay and King streets and march for two days as the Toronto Stock Exchange opens that Monday. 
Organizers have asked activists to bring tarps, sleeping bags, first aid kits and electrical generators to prepare for what could be a weeks-long stakeout.
Parallel to this, similar protests are also being organized in other Canadian cities such as Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.
According to the movement’s website Occupy Together other similar rallies have been planned around the world, from around the United States into Mexico, Australia, Asia and dozens of European countries.

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