Nobel Energy protests to US over provocative Turkish behaviour

Quoting information from Cypriot and American news sources, defence-point said in a report late on Sunday that Noble Energy has expressed its protest to the US government for the provocative behavior of Turkey. Nobel Energy did note, however, that drilling operations are progressing and that the helicopter that connects the rig with the port of Limassol, has not faced any harassment from any Turkish aircraft.

Last week Israeli and Turkish fighter jets almost clashed since the planes were only flying at a distance of some 70 miles from one another and armed with AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles! The Turkish planes were apparently taking part in sea exercises just 50 kilometers from where Nobel Energy has begun drilling for national gas (or Plot 12) while the Israeli planes were only a further 20 miles away. It was a situation that was indeed too close for comfort, since both parties detected each others planes on their radars. Click here to read that story
Also, let us not forget that the Piri Reis sailed near the plots 7, 8 and 12, in Cyprus EEZ where Noble Energy is drilling for natural gas and oil. (45 km from the platform and 100 km from the coast of Limassol). Click here to read that story

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