Gov’t gives "green" unionists bonus of 2 mln to just do their job

It seems as though the stream of” revelations” is never ending in this country. According to a decision from the former Minister of Finance, Mr. Kouselas, trade unions are going to receive a bonus of two million for the year 2010 so that they can “better inform” their members.

In a period when pensions are being slashed, when the level of unemployment has hit all-time highs, our government is giving extra money –public funds – to its “green socialist” unionists to do what they have been elected to do… which is simply their job! Happily accepting the funds, the chairman of the Tax Department, Mr. Grivas was quoted on television reports as saying that the funding should continue even though the government said it wouldn’t, because it contributes to better information and training of his sector’s tax officials.

Sounds more like the government is buying their silence, or even stroking them, rather than commending them on a job well done, since it does not want the unionists to rally public sector workers to protest over the austerity measures. The report was published on proinikordela, but many other blogs were featuring it this morning as well.

Hellasfrappe will just roll the dice for a minute… is this why we have not witnessed massive protests across Greece? Has the government been channelling funds to union leaders so that they can keep their members under control…? It if quacks like a duck, walks like a duck… then it must be duck! – You be the judge!


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