VIDEO REPORT – We had the Arab spring, will it be the US winter?

We had the Arab spring, will it be the US winter? No one knows for sure, but it seems as if the protests in Greece and in Spain have started to inspire our American brothers across the Atlantic to start staging their own similar protests. Just like Greece, with one in every six Americans now living in poverty,
the demonstrators are bitter about the fact that bankers have not been
held accountable for the financial crisis, and ordinary people have been
left to suffer.
Hellasfrappe has often said that if the austerity measures “work” in Greece then they will be imposed on other nations as well, because we all know that we were the “experiment” for this New World Order and also because let’s face it… the Big Enchilada for Wall Street is the US! 

However, if the “Occupy Wall Street Movement” really begins to take serious shape and form and if the focus remains on Wall Street then more and more people will begin to listen and maybe just maybe reform will finally be implemented. 

And it looks like they are going to have to, because as the movement closes its 15th day… more and more people are joining the protests. As viewed in the videos below, labor unions and progressive organizations are now supporting the movement and similar protests are being held in cities like Boston and LA. Also, a huge protest is planned in mid October when the movement plans to occupy Washington.

Also, independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders went public with his support for the moment saying that the US needs a coming together of working people to stand up to Wall Street. Cooperate Americans who believe that enough is enough. He says people need to rebuild the middle-class and Wall Street greed has to stop! 

This is a story has surely just begun to brew in North America and no one can yet predict what kind of influence it will have in other countries which are suffering as well such as Canada and Mexico. 

The movement is now going national, with similar protests in Boston, L.A. and soon in Chicago.

Some say that the merger of corporate and state powers is not capitalism but rather its facism. Corporations buying over our political system and the media, monopolizing all industiries- shipping middle-class jobs to other countries in Asia where the average daily earnings are 1 euro is insane, and its GREED. This one percent of the population controls all the money and power in the world. I agree with Oscar-winning filmmaker, best-selling author,and provocateur laureate Michael Moore in this video… where is the rage, where is the uprising, the one percent is eating 99 percent of the pie and they are leaving us, the middle class who number 99 percent to share the one percent they have left us. It is this very one percent of the elite who elects and “places” president and leaders in positions of power… and this leader only serves this one percent of the people and not the remaining 99 percent… now that is facism!

Many are saying that the government needs to let the banks fail and think they have received more than enough aid. Julie Lawler, a protester for Occupy Wall Street, shares with us her experience at the protests

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont appeared on Countdown with Keith Olbermann on Thursday night to discuss the ongoing “Occupy Wall Street” protests. “What I appreciate about what is going on in New York right now is there is a spotlight being focused on Wall Street, we desperately need that,” he said. “If we’re going to get out of this recession, we’re going to create the millions of jobs that we desperately need, we need real Wall Street reform.” Focusing attention on Wall Street is exactly the right thing to do,” Sanders added.


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