Papandreou refuses offer to exploit Plot 1 of Cyprus EEZ

While Greek people are literally facing the prospect of poverty, and while the country is going through one of the heaviest crisis in its history, the socialist government of George Papandreou apparently refused a generous offer from Cyprus to explore one of its plots in fear of a possible reaction from Ankara. According to a report on defencenet the potential economic benefits from such an opportunity in one of Cyprus’s Plots would have helped Greece to immediately jump start its economy in no time.

This major news “bomb” was leaked to the press by the Cypriot news site To Pontiki

According to the report, the offer was made in Nicosia a few days ago and concerned the allocation and exploitation of Plot 1 of Cyprus’ EEZ. This is area is just off Paphos and Limassol. A small portion of this Plot is being disputed by the Turks (a small vertical strip to the west of the plot).

Despite the serious prospect of economic gain, Prime Minister George Papandreou refused the offer ….

Hellasfrappe’s response: Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!


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